The Publication Experience

with Eduardo Danilo

The inexorable spread of hypertext has gutted newspapers around the world by delivering stories one at time. People seem to be turning away from newspapers and magazines—from the sense of confidence, enjoyment and satisfaction of browsing and reading a collection of articles with text and pictures—presented by a familiar, trusted editors. (And they are missing the satisfaction of actually finishing an edition, and putting it down.)

Google is happy with the change, but most publishers have yet to find a business model that will support editorial departments. Is there a design that can turn this around, and get people reading publications on digital platforms, instead of just stories?

This talk took place Friday, June 17, 2016, at 11:30am as part of the main Typographics conference schedule.

About Eduardo Danilo

The Publication Experience

Eduardo Danilo Ruiz has worked in media for almost 30 years, as an art director, typographic designer, information architect and technology strategist for many publications. As one of the best-known Mexican editorial designers in the world, Eduardo has received over 200 awards for his design of newspapers, magazines and interactive media. He started Danilo Black in 1993 with Roger Black and made his mark by the internationally acclaimed design of Reforma in 1993, and later named by SND as one of the 25 most influential moments in the history of newspaper design. Other newspapers he has redesigned have been awarded World’s Best-Designed.

Eduardo has lead highly successful redesign projects for many publications in Latin America, Europe and Asia. He has imprinted signature typography in each project, and has art directed many typographic developments in partnership with The Font Bureau. More recently, his work in digital media has been innovative as well. His work for IndigoMedia’s digital narratives was awarded by the UN as best innovation for digital content.

He now leads Danilo Design Group with studios in Monterrey and Mexico City, with a team of editorial and UX designers, developers and information architects where he works on both print and digital projects for global brands, from media to tech and corporate clients.

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