Type and Motion

with Jakob Trollbäck

As a long-time designer of film titles, Jakob Trollbäck has developed some sensitivity to what happens with type when it begins to move … and is combined with images which also may be in motion. The viewer is still reading, but the impact can be more emotional than in print, or the mostly still pages of the web.

This talk took place Saturday, June 18, 2016, at 4:00pm as part of the main Typographics conference schedule.

About Jakob Trollbäck

Type and Motion

Jakob Trollbäck is the Swedish mastermind behind the award-winning design group, Trollbäck + Company. Arriving in New York at the same time as the digital revolution, Jakob was among the first to embrace sea changes in the media landscape. He launched his career at R/GA as creative
director before starting Trollbäck + Company in 1999. With a passion for beauty and logic through design and strategy, Jakob has molded his company into an incubator for the best talent in digital communications and branding.

Jakob’s copywriting and visual identity system for the United Nations Global Goals campaign has given him a unique platform from which to advocate for important causes, including climate action, quality education, and gender equality. He frequently attends international conferences and events to speak about his passion projects and creative process, centering on his motto: discard everything that means nothing.

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