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Grids & Grits

    Who: Tânia Raposo
    When: Thursday, June 16, 10:00am–5:00pm

    Are you a systematic person that cringes at the sight of an object misaligned? Do you want to keep everything in a grid but you don’t know how to create one?  Look no further, this workshop is for you!!!

    Come learn about different kinds of grids, how to use them and how to break them.

    In this workshop we will talk about where the different methods of creating a grid come from, we will be using pencil and tracing paper to analyze in-use grids from magazines and books, and you will learn how to create grids and how to keep your text aligned to it in Adobe InDesign.

    Come learn how it can be useful to be slightly OCD! It will make you a better typographer.

    About Tânia Raposo

    Tânia Raposo is a type and graphic designer from Portugal. She received her Graphic Design BFA at ESAD.IPL, Portugal and her Type and Media Master’s degree at KABK, Netherlands. She has worked as a graphic designer for the studios Itemzero in Lisbon and Atlas in Palma de Mallorca and as a curatorial assistant at the Letterform Archive, and is focusing on freelance jobs in both type and graphic design today.

    After moving around Europe and the US she has now settled in the Bay Area. She buys too many books, collects stamps that look good and wishes one day Nick Sherman will take her to a Monster Truck Show. This wish has been granted.

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